sonetka (sonetka) wrote,

The Wittiest Letter In The Alphabet

nineveh_uk gave me the letter F.

Something I hate: Until a month ago I would have said flying, but although that's still true at the moment I hate family secrets more. It is, however, a consolation that the particular one I've been dealing with has been something like a 2 out of 10 on the Family Secret Richter scale, and that at least it didn't involve finding mummified infants in a steamer trunk, a House of Usher style corpse behind a wall, two fake identities with no real identity discoverable, or even comparatively standard complications like a secret baby or a second family. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Something I love: Ferries. I had never had occasion to take one until moving to Seattle and now I think that it's the best commuting method ever invented. But since they only leave every few hours and using one routinely would have to involve moving to an island which would be either (a) inconveniently expensive or (b) inconveniently remote, ferry riding is currently confined to the occasional day trip during which I can enjoy having lots of room to walk around and watching seals taking naps on buoys.

Somewhere I've been: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. (It's amazing how few places I've been that begin with the letter F). My father's cousins live up there and so sometimes when I was young we'd go up in the car and spend a few days catching up with relatives (the adults) and failing to remember people's names or how exactly they were related to us (children). My main memories are of being allowed to ride a pony from the stables owned by one of the cousins (exotic!) and of being puzzled when all the cars actually pulled to the side of the road when they heard an ambulance siren. I hadn't realized that cars were supposed to do that at all; I had never seen it in Chicago once. Also a trip up there usually entailed a visit to the Lands' End outlet in Oshkosh, about fifteen miles away.

Somewhere I'd like to go: the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. So I could sit in various locations for several hours at a time and just look at these impossibly beautiful places which managed to defy the odds twice over -- both by existing in the first place, and continuing to exist now.

Someone I know: My dad! Didn't have to go very far for that one, which is lucky because otherwise I have a real dearth of acquaintances whose names begin with F. It doesn't seem to be a very popular letter around here.

A film I like: Flirting With Disaster -- directed by David O. Russell before everything he did had to be Oscar bait starring Jennifer Lawrence. Especially memorable for the opening montage in which the adopted main character tries to imagine who his birth parents are, and for the final scenes in which the birth parents end up accidentally giving acid to an FBI agent (the story's a little involved). For a Ben Stiller cringe comedy it's comparatively restrained and it has a lot of fantastic lines. ("I'm going to have that image in my head for the rest of my LIFE, you know!" "Vivid. I'm seeing colors I don't want to see." OK, they're funnier in context, but you get the idea).
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