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    Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
    10:23 pm
    Arsenic And Old Cake
    While taking a breather from the sixteenth century (my God, the Anne Boleyn books NEVER END, I really had no idea what I was taking on there) I wrote this post -- the story of a Pennsylvania accountant poisoned by an anonymously-sent slice of arsenical wedding cake. This happened in 1922, and what with the ironclad alibis, all-too-talkative neighbours, and bizarre, overly noticeable conveyance for the poison -- not to mention the fact that the poison was arsenic -- it's made me wonder if the Golden Age detective writers were more into gritty realism than we think.

    Happy Halloween!
    Friday, June 1st, 2012
    11:12 pm
    Here And There
    I've always enjoyed reading Tudor novels (yes, even before Philippa Gregory made it big). As time has gone by and I've filled my spare moments with one fictional Anne Boleyn after another, my inner student's urge to Compare And Contrast finally became too much. This LJ didn't really seem like the place for it, so if you want, you can get your fill at The Head That Launched A Thousand Books.

    I'm planning on doing a book a week, and with the current state of publishing, that could easily keep me going as long as Pepys's Diary, so drop by any time!

    Current Mood: crazy
    Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
    11:26 pm
    La Vita Nuova
    Quick note: due to various reasons (most of them stemming from my own depressed brain, I'll freely admit) I've decided that I'll be more comfortable with this journal being friends-only. I don't think that affects too many people, but if you've been lurking and want to be added, leave a comment and I can fix that for you.
    I'm deleting comments to this entry after you've been added to my friends list, but rest assured it's nothing personal; just trying to keep the place looking neat, that's all :).

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